iNf4 Private Sale Token (1) with free Salesforce NFT + 15% free token bonus

Add your token to the cart and get Free Salesforce NFT + 15% Free Extra Bonus Tokens.




Limited Time Special Offer iNf4mation iNf4 Private Sale 2 Token with free exclusive limited-edition Salesforce NFT + 15% bonus (bonus added at distribution time)

Note: Network/Gas fees may apply

Minimum token quantity = 11,112 ($ 1,000.08) @ $0.09 per token

i. Exclusive limited PSEA2 edition Salesforce NFT only available on confirmed & fully paid orders valid until 23:59 UTC on 6th January 2022, then the Private Sale 2 ends and the Pre-Sales lottery begins! NOTE: Pre-Sales lottery #1 sold out in 48 hours with 6.6million visitors and an opening queue of nearly 500,000!
ii. Free tokens & NFT are only available if bought in conjunction with a fully paid token purchase.